Dev STM32

  • STM32F429I-DISCO (built-in ST-Link/V2 standalone)
  • Olimex STM32-E407 (REV.E)

Pin one on the DISCO is the white dot, on the Olimex there is the number on the PCB.

Pin SWD DISCOFuncPin Olimex JTAG
Name / URLPriceOSCommentsTested
CodeLiteOpenSourceWin/Mac/Linux Can't get auto-completion
Affinic Debugger GUI for GDB50$Win/LinuxLicense for multiple machines / only PRO version (paid version) can use remote GDBA little, can load ELF with source files, standalone and works
ChibiStudio from ChibiOSOpenSourceWin/Mac/LinuxOld eclipse, only usefull tool is converter from chcfg XML files to board.c/hYes
CodeBlocks+EPS Debugger pluginOpensource for C::B and paid (~120€) for EPSWin/Mac/Linux, only windows EPS No, debugger plugin too expensive
VisualGDB$89 for embedded + VS2013 (separate)WindowsNeed a full VS2013, not express editionMaybe
QtCreatorOpenSourceWin/Mac/Linux To test
Emacs 24 + ECB trunk + CEDET trunkOpenSourceWin/Mac/LinuxMy actual IDE, still configuring it
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