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This list is not updated anymore, see https://hw.squeaky.tech/

HP 16505A
HP-UX based controller for 16500x Working, needs update, missing basic options.
HP 16500B
Logic analyzer with 16510B card (80ch). Working, has one logic analysis card 80ch
HP 5328A
HP 5328A
Universal Counter
100MHz counter.
DVM up to 1100V related to gnd, 500 to earth.
Working, DVM option needs calibration.
Philips PM 3320A
Oscilloscope 200MHz, 250Ms/s. Working.
LeCroy 9424
LeCroy 9424
Quad-Ch Oscilloscope more photos Two ch, one OK, other trigger is dead.
Conar Model 224
Tube Tester Working, US voltage.
13MHz Programmable Function Generator. Working.
Data Precision 938
Capamètre 200pF-2000uF. Working, needs LCD replacement.
Fluke 75
Fluke 75
Multimeter Working.
HP 8657A Signal Generator
HP 8657A Signal Generator
0.1-1040 MHz Last cal 2018.
HP 8590A Spectrum Analyzer
Waiting for package.
Error linked to eeprom ?
RF has background noise.
Sommerkamp FRdx500
Communication Receiver, 1.7-29.1MHz Tubes are over-powered and overheat, alignment necessary.
Talco CS3 160
VHF Work? Needs correct programming, and check.
Dirland DSS 9000 CB Radio. Working, unmodded.
Icom IC-745
General Coverage Receiver, 0.1-30MHz RX, ham bands for TX Had some repairs.
Memory board reprogrammed.
Alignment necessary.
Kenwood R-2000
HF Receiver, 0.15-30MHz Working, SDR IF-Tap installed.
Seefunk Empfänger E75
Marine Receiver, 100kHz-4600kHz, A1, A2, A3 modes. Working, glass is broken.
HF, Indian made military radio. reverse ingeneering datas by me
a full teardown video by previous owner
Working, seems aligned in RX, TX untested.
Tristar 7000
135-157 MHz Squelch pot dead, shorted to fix.
Rx: 140-174 MHz
Tx: 144-148 MHz
User Guide
Fixed speaker by bypassing ribbon cable.
144-145.9875 MHz User Guide
Plastic broken, vol. pot replaced.
Kenwood TH-75E
144/433 Without CTCSS module.
Backup battery changed, works.
Yaesu FT-727R
144/433 Works, Tx is a bit off.
Yaesu FT-727R
144/433 Works, Tx ok, one button HS.
Motorola Radius P210
144 MDH43RFU9560
Motorola GP300
433, 16ch, 12.5k, 438-470 P94YPC00C2AA
Motorola GP340
144, 3-5W, ch spacing prog, 5 tones MHD25KDC9A?3AE
Motorola XTNi
PMR Works fine, with charger and usb programming cable.
No belt clip.
Motorola MTP300 Tetra Unknown condition, no battery or antenna.
THB MultiSystem 80
Multi-modes TNC Works, no means to decode WeFax as a software needs to be developed for the “custom” format.
Furuno FAX-210
Facsimile Receiver Works, need full size paper (TP1030A).
Airspy Mini
Arpege Filter
Selectable filter rack. Needs to be characterized with VNA.
Wavetek 3SR
Wavetek 3SR
5MHz-1GHz “spectrum analyzer” with FM demod Working, battery pack rebuilt.
Nano VNA
900MHz clone Working, with a cal kit.
VDE Radio System RS5
Radio Monitoring Rack One works, one to guts.
Scanner Radar Antenna
Rotator radar antenna To be repurposed as antenna rotator.
Unknown usage. Untested. Planned to reverse the thing. Some knobs/selectors are broken.
Test Set, Indicator TS-677/UP
Test set for “moving target indicator systems” of aircrafts. Dismantled, TODO quick photo gallery.
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