Neolt NED 303



PSU is an unregulated transformer, input fuse 250mA, output fuse 1.6A, around 19VDC unloaded

There is two steppers for the axis, pen lever is selenoid activated.

Each axis uses a UGN-3119U Hall-effect switch to detect homing.

Steppers are standard NEMA16 with a length of 33m, the shaft is 5mm then apx 3.3mm…

Fonts sets are builtin:

  • UNI 7559-B (ISO 3098/1)
  • DIN 17-262
  • DIN 1451

There is a memory of 1987 characters arranged in 10 pages, stored in a Dallas DS1225Y SRAM, unsocketted.

They will probably be cooked and not smoothy-circle, I am attempting to match new ones.

Everything in mm unless specified in cursed .

ModelLength (OD)Length (teeths*pitch)PitchTeethsWidthnotes
Original7773,1522.032 ?36~6.4
288MXL025 (Gates) 73.082.032366.35imperial belt
ModelLength (OD)Length (teeths*pitch)PitchTeethsWidthnotes
Original9691,442.032 ?45~6.4
360MXL025 (Gates) 91.442.032456.35imperial belt

There is also 4 open ones, two for each axis, width of 4mm, 2x21cm, 2x58cm, for a total of 158cm (1.58m).

They seems to match the profile of the two other axis so let's assume they are MXL too, but in 4.76mm width.

Links of belts:

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