I've put hand on a SAS/SATA Backplane from HP, since i already have a Smart Array P400, i will make a try working on a new NAS.

Now : The NAS is an ATX Tower, pretty big, with 6 to 8 hard drives, 3“1/2 and one 2”1/2. it makes noise and vibrations.
Wanted : A compact NAS, with two PSU, 8 2“1/2 hard drives, and noise-less.

  • PSU : Compaq PS-5141-4C - 145W
    • Will be used only for motherboard. One of the 12V line will activate the relay for the second PSU.
  • PSU : EMACS P1A-6300P - 300W
    • Will be used only for HDDs backplane and fans, the shunt beetween green/black will be done by the first PSU.
  • Backplane SAS/SATA HP : 8 HDDs 2”1/2, i have two of them, one will be sacrified for pinout reversing

8 disks in 2“1/2 size, i think i already have one 500Gb somewhere.
I plan to use only 500Gb drives, as they are cheaper and easyier to find in scrap.
Maybe if someone have eight 1Tb 2”1/2 hard drives to throw, i wont say no… ;)

5v_|   |GND|   |5v_
  • The first will power a relay using 12V line to power-up the second
  • Power connectors will be moved
  • The motherboard PSU doesnt have a “P4” connector, i will sacrifice the two molex 12V lines to create it.
  • CPU Fan will be changed, need a low profile and noise-less
  • Two big fan, with speed regulation by hand, mainly for HDDs
  • Fans of PSU will be probably changed, biggers, less noise
  • Two USB sockets will be fixed inside, one for the FreeNAS USB Key, other for… i dont know

I dont have actually any ideas in what to put it. I will look in military surplus or old RF/Measurement equipment to find something at least 20% cooler to use.

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