OpenSource Hardware 16mm film camera

Well, 16mm film camera. Would use a fixed size aperture shutter disc, but two motors, one to drive the shutter, the other one the film.

Splitting in two motors would avoid to have only one and shutter/film synced, here a MCU would do the job. Adding a light sensor could also be possible.

Maybe Sony E-Mount or EF-S, could also emulate an host body and have digital control of the EF-S lens.

Flange back: EF-S (44mm), Sony E (18mm), C Mount (17.526mm), Fujica X (43.5mm),

Box sides in aluminium, a bunch of other things can be 3D printed in PETG/PLA, a bit of turning for the rest of various rollers and things.

Two motors and ESC, closed loop with a sensor for speed management, a teensy, light sensor, some buttons, an oled display, battery and charger.

State: gimme money I need a metal lathe and things to cut metal sheets.

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