Agilent HP 16500B

  • Sheet got from the yahoo group of HP users : here
  • GPIB
  • RS232 (DB25)
  • Ethernet 10BaseT

The B replace my previously owned A. The A have been be dismantled and stored for spare parts.

List of card i have, and i probably want someday.

NameI haveDescriptionSpecs
16510BYESProgrammable Logic Analyzer Module100MHz timing, 35MHz state, 80 channels
16520A, 16521AnoPattern Generation Module (20 Master, 21 Extension)50MBits/s
16532AnoOscilloscope Module1GSa/s

HP E2459A 68040 probe compatible with cards :

  • 16550A
  • 16554A
  • 16555A, 16555D
  • 16556A, 16556D

Two cards per CPU socket.

NameI wantDescription
10269CYesGeneral purpose probe thing
10300B (64683A) Z80YesCPU Probe
10304B (64655A) 8085 CPU Probe
10305B (64653A) 8086/8088 CPU Probe
10314B (64659A) 80386 CPU Probe
10308B (64671A) 6809/6809E CPU Probe
10311B (64670A) 68000/68010YesCPU Probe
10342B Bus PreprocessorMaybeBus Preprocessor

Alternative: Just getting a 10269C and build custom probes terminations.
Warning: All probes have software for reverse assembly stuff.

Backup of any EEPROMS

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